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Who is camp for?

Camp is for any kid ages 6-14 who identifies as transgender, nonbinary, gender diverse, gender expansive, agender, gender fluid, etc! Our campers have a range of experiences–some have lots of trans friends and some have never met another trans kid, some have been out for years while some are hoping to transition at school this fall, some have known since they were 3 and some are just figuring it out. Wherever you are on your journey, you belong here!

Worried your child is too young or too old for the group? We spend much of the day broken out into smaller age groups. Last year we had an entire cabin of 13 and 14 year olds, and an entire cabin of 6 year olds– each doing very different but equally exciting activities!


What does camp cost?

$0! What? That can’t be right!
It is! Thanks to our partnership with SMYAL, Camp Free2Be is 100% free to families again this year. This includes registration, activity materials, a camp t-shirt, and a daily snack.
If you’d like to support our camp, you can always donate directly to Camp to enhance our programming and support our team.


Who leads camp?

Our Camp Directors each have years of experience working directly with trans and nonbinary youth. Our camp was founded by the parent of two trans kids, and is now held in partnership with SMYAL staff who support trans youth year round.
We also have a stellar team of youth leaders who receive extensive training to support our campers in staying safe, happy, and supported at camp. Our Senior Counselors are college students, who work diligently to prepare excellent content for our campers. Our junior counselors are teen role models, who are paired with small groups of campers in “Cabins” to provide more individualized support throughout the week. We are fortunate to have at least a 8:1 ratio of adult staff:campers and a 4:1 ratio of campers:junior counselors.


My camper is neurodivergent. Will they be supported at camp?

Absolutely! Lots of studies (and our own experience!) have shown the strong prevalence and overlap between gender diversity and neurodivergence (autism, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, and combinations). We not only welcome but celebrate neurodivergence in our space! This summer, we will have a separate quiet space for sensory breaks, visual schedules to communicate what to expect for the day, and routines to help mark the flow of the day. We also have a dedicated mental health staff member who can provide breaks from the large group, help a camper reregulate, or just talk and process together, so they can hopefully join the group again and get back to having fun! We know everyone’s needs and experiences are unique, so please let us know in your registration if there are specific ways we can support your camper’s success at camp.


Will camp have ASL access?

Yes! We are grateful to partner with Kyle Duarte Company to provide ASL interpretation throughout the camp week. If you plan to use interpretation, please note that in your registration form so we may plan accordingly.


Where is camp?

We will be in Arlington this summer. To protect the safety and privacy of our campers, the exact location will be shared with registered campers in our Welcome Packet in June. Our location is ADA accessible, walking distance to the metro, includes both indoor and outdoor space, and is full of rainbows!


I need help getting to camp or picking my kid up at 3:30. What can I do?

We have a strong network of families who want to help out, coming from all over DC, MD, and VA! We have an opt-in contact list to help you connect with other families near you. This will be shared in June along with our Welcome Packet so you can coordinate carpools. We are not able to offer aftercare or direct transportation assistance, but hope you will be able to find a carpool that works for your family!



What do campers do all day? Is it just a week long pride party?

Kind of! Check out our Day in the Life At Camp here!
Our content includes a mix of some Pride/trans-themed activities to celebrate and explore our community, and some traditional camp activities to have fun and be a kid! Some activities are elective choices, whereas others are geared towards specific age groups. All of our activities incorporate creativity, play, exploration, and fun!
At the end of the day, it’s not really about what your kid did at camp. Our goal is always to facilitation joyful connection among trans community, and to encourage pride in our identities!


I’m too old for camp! 🙁 Can I still be involved!

Yes! We are currently recruiting Junior Counselors (ages 15-18) and Senior Counselors (ages 18-24).
We also love having trans adult role models join us as special guests to lead an activity at camp. If you’re interested, you may contact with your ideas. (We require background checks for all volunteers over 18 who will interact with youth in our space.)